A World Full of Blueberries

MMMMMMMMMMM. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh blueberry jam on a freshly baked slice of sourdough bread first thing in the morning. Throw in a cup of coffee and it is simply heaven. It doesn't stop with breakfast, though. For many, including me, blueberries are not just a berry, they are a passion. I just couldn't imagine life without them.

wild maine blueberry jam

Blueberry jam comes in all sorts of flavors, consistencies, and sweeteners with fruits from all over including Maine, France, Switzerland, and beyond making blueberry tasting a real pastime. You can go for an all natural blueberry jam, such as this one from Maury Farms, or you can go with a sugar free blueberry jam, like this one from Nature's Hollow, or even a pure cane sugar sweetened variety like this French blueberry jam. Depending on your tastes, you can also go for preserves, blueberry conserves, jams, jellies, spreads... there is one for every appetite. wild blueberry conserves

You can see a whole variety of the blueberry jams here. Stop back and tell me which jams you like and why. I 'd love to know which one I should try next!

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